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Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Car

If you have an old vehicle on your property that you are no longer driving, you may wonder if there are some ways to remove it without needing to pay for pickup. After a while, junked cars sitting on your property can make your yard appear unkempt, so removing them will help improve your yard’s look while helping out someone else in need. Here are some ideas you can use to have a vehicle removed from your property.

Recycle Your Vehicle

Automobile recycling centers are a wonderful way to reuse your vehicle. Recycling centers will dismantle your vehicle, salvaging usable parts so that other vehicle owners can buy them to make repairs. If you call a recycling center, they will pick up your vehicle and pay you the value of the metal your vehicle is made from. If you are able to drive your vehicle to the recycling center yourself, you will save yourself the cost in towing fees. This is a great way to make some extra cash in exchange for your vehicle. It is also helpful to the environment as you will be allowing your vehicle to live on inside other vehicles, saving landfills from unnecessary parts cluttering the land.

If you’re interested in recycling your car, visit a local center like Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling.

Donate Your Vehicle

Donating your vehicle is a great way in having it removed without needing to pay a cent. There are several charities that participate in vehicle donations, including of vehicles that no longer run. You can call a few of your favorite charities to see if they are enrolled in this program and schedule a tow truck to come pick your vehicle up at no cost. The vehicle would be taken to a scrap yard and the money obtained would be used as a donation for the cause in need. The charity will send you paperwork that proves you donated to them, allowing you to send the information in with your federal income taxes.

Ask The Local Fire Department

Ask your neighborhood fire department if they would be interested in coming to pick up your vehicle to use for fire safety training. Fire departments are always in need of vehicles they can set on fire to teach new firefighters the proper way to handle a vehicle fire incident. Many times the fire department will have someone in the group who has a towing winch or flatbed to haul vehicles to the fire department for training purposes.

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