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Three Benefits Of Using Towing Services In Your Parking Lot

Your parking lot provides easy access for visitors to your building, and hiring a towing service can help you to keep your parking lot safe and secure. If you don’t use tow trucks to maintain order on your lot, here are three reasons to start.

Safety Concerns

Abandoned vehicles can pose several safety threats. They can be magnets for criminal activity, such as drug dealing and loitering, bringing an unwanted element to your business.

These vehicles often contain gasoline and other flammable liquids, making them a target for arsonists. This could cause damage to your building as well as to your visitors’ vehicles, which could leave you responsible for the cost of repairs.

Abandoned cars are also used by homeless people for shelter, which could negatively impact your building’s image and safety. Be sure to call a local organization that helps homeless people before having an occupied car towed so you can be sure of the person’s well-being.

Having tow trucks regularly look for and tow abandoned vehicles on your property helps to deter dangerous or criminal activity.

Better Access To Parking

Your parking lot may be located in an area with otherwise limited parking availability, which may tempt drivers to park on your property to visit nearby residences or other businesses. This clogs your parking area, leaving your visitors with limited access to your lot.

Post signs advising that unauthorized vehicles will be towed, and hire tow trucks to monitor your lot throughout the day to remove unwanted vehicles from your property. Make sure to provide parking passes for employees and vendors so your towing company knows which vehicles to leave in your lot.

Towing Benefits For Your Visitors

Once you’ve established a relationship with a towing company, you can actually use it as a benefit for your building’s visitors. Should someone have car trouble and need a tow, you can arrange for quick service.

Negotiate with the company ahead of time to see if it can offer discounts to stranded motorists you refer. This lets you offer a convenient service to clients and customers in need, helping to build your business relationships.

You may even be able to arrange a few free services, such as jump starts, depending on how much business the towing company receives from towing away vehicles on your lot.

Tow trucks serve a wide range of purposes, and they offer many benefits to parking lot owners. Consider hiring a towing service like Big Valley Towing to keep your lot safe, secure and full of plentiful parking options for all your guests.