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Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Watch Me Whip: How To Introduce Your New Car Via Social Media

Social media started out a tool to help keep friends and peer groups in contact with one another. Now, social media has become a machine in which many people live out their lives. Everything from graduations, to moves, to pregnancies and engagements are announced on social media first. This goes for a regular person and celebrities alike. If you want to have your moment in the sun by introducing your new car on social media, here is the best way to go about it for maximum cool points.

Post a black and white photo of your old ride

Nothing says goodbye in a solemn manner like a black and white photograph. Take a photograph of your old car from a distance and add a black and white contrast or filter to the picture. If you wish to be cryptic, you can add a brief message about the fun times that you had with your old car. You can also talk about “changes coming” in order to give a clue that you will have an announcement in the future.

Buy a luxury key holder

If you want your new car to be introduced on a silver platter, start out with your keys. Collect your brand new key fob, or have one made if you have an older vehicle without an electronic fob. Before you display the keys, you need to have a luxury key holder. Many luxury purse brands make recognizable key holders with their brand name or logo prominently displayed. The holders come at introductory prices, as key holders are much smaller, which allows you to afford one with the money left over from your car’s down payment. Post a picture with the key holder and your new key fob to get the congratulations rolling in.

Put on your sun glasses and best watch

If you want to introduce your new ride, there are two ways to go about it. New cars of luxury brands call for a watch and steering wheel logo picture. Along with this picture you can post the make and model of the vehicle, then extol the virtues of the luxury car brand. If your car is a non-luxury brand that you are proud of, post a picture of you and the car at a distance, while wearing your sunglasses. If you aren’t a big fan of selfies, have a friend take a close up of you outside of the window in a “driving” pose. Add some popular song lyrics about cars and driving to sum up the great feeling of your new car.