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Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Three Reasons You Don’t Need A New Truck

Over the years your needs change. You may have purchased a truck a few years ago that was ideal for you, but now, you need something a little different. Unfortunately, the cost of a new truck might not be in your budget. However, all hope isn’t lost. There are a number of simple upgrades you can perform on your truck that can make the idea of purchasing a new truck obsolete. 

Truck Bed Extender

If the problem you have with your current truck is that the bed is too short, a bed extender might be able to help in this area. As their name suggest, bed extenders basically increase the length of your truck bed’s transporting capacity. These gate-like metal fixtures easily connect to the rear end of the bed when the tail gate is open.

Truck bed extenders are available in a variety of different styles, so finding one suited for your truck shouldn’t be challenging. Additionally, you can purchase truck bed extenders in various sizes depending on how much extra space you need.

Tire Depth

If you want a truck with better off-road driving capabilities, it could be as simple as purchasing an extra set of tires. Typically, the larger the tread blocks on the tire, the better they are able to handle off-road conditions like gravel and mud. In terms of gravel, the larger tread allows the tire to more easily conform to the surface, offering better handling.

In terms of mud, the greater depth makes it harder for mud to get compacted in between the treads, which decreases the likelihood of getting stuck. If you purchase this type of tire, make sure you remove them when diving on the street as they have a reduced braking performance compared to regular tires.

Seat Covers

If you use your truck like it’s intended to be used, your truck probably could use a face-lift when it comes to the interior. Whether it’s mud, coffee spills or rips in the seats, it’s not uncommon for the interior of a truck to look like a miniature war zone. When detailing no longer works, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new truck

Seat covers are an option to consider. Seat covers designed specifically for your truck fit seamlessly over your existing surface and are virtually undetectable, offering the look of a new interior without the high cost.

If your current truck isn’t meeting your needs fully, don’t overlook the many upgrades available that can make your truck more functional and efficient.