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Restoring Vintage Automobiles: How A Mechanical Repair Manufacturer Fits Into Auto Body Work

If you want your mechanic to help you restore your vintage vehicles, but the two of you are having a difficult time finding the right auto body parts, you could fabricate them. Although the parts would not be “true vintage,” they would at least help restore your project vehicle enough that you could show it at car shows. When you have decided to use the services of a mechanical repair manufacturer, this is how that manufacturer fits into the world of auto body work.

Clutches and Brakes

Many older, vintage and antique vehicles utilized a clutch system to shift gears. Some of the really old gear boxes for these cars are virtually impossible to find intact and functional anymore. A mechanical repair manufacturer can make a CAD drawing of your antique clutch system and recreate it in the shop exactly as it appears in the computerized models and design.

Most antique and vintage brakes are reproducible as well. However, you may want an updated version of the brake system on your auto restoration, as some antique and vintage cars had faulty brakes or braking systems that did not work very well or only worked some of the time. (This is especially true if you plan to drive the vehicle any great distance to car shows and the like.) The modernized version of the vintage breaking system in your restoration could still closely resemble the original, fit into the same amount of space without drastic alterations to the body of the car, and could keep you safe as you cruise around.

Nickel Electroplating

Nickel electroplating was commonly used to create that silvery chrome finish on many vintage car parts. If you have old bumpers and other vintage parts that need fresh nickel electroplating in order to restore them, you and your mechanic can ship the parts out to a mechanical repair manufacturer. There, the parts will be smoothed, prepped to receive the nickel coating, electroplated in a controlled chamber and then polished to an old school shine before the company ships the parts back to your mechanic. This process can be done to everything from bumpers to door handles to dashboard chrome, which was very popular in cars from the 50s and 60s.

Help with Other Mechanical Parts

The rest of the work that mechanical repair manufacturers do has a lot to do with re-designing, re-casting and reproducing functional mechanical parts for engines and other systems in your vehicle. Not only do these companies manage large and small orders of current auto parts and metal detailing for your vintage vehicles, but also replacement parts for vehicles that are not that old but are actually rare. Anytime you and your mechanic need parts that you cannot find anywhere else, you can special order them from a mechanical repair manufacturer, such as those at Central Body Co Inc.

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