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Moving Your Classic Car To Another State? Call A Car Hauling Company

If you have a classic car that you need to move to another state, there are many different ways you can go about this.  One of the best and easiest ways to move a car is to hire a car hauling company to move it for you. You should also find a hauling company that is experienced in moving classic cars.

Enclosed or Open Trailer

You will have the choice to choose from an enclosed or open trailer. It generally costs less to have an open trailer. You do have to take into consideration that it may be damaged from flying debris on the road, such as rocks.  An enclosed trailer will keep your car more protected while it is being hauled. Much of this depends on the shape of your car. If it is a car you are restoring, an open trailer will be fine, as a few more scratches or dings will not make much difference. If your classic car is completely restored and in pristine condition, an enclosed trailer is the better choice.


If you are choosing an open trailer, ask the car hauling company if their trailers include a winch. A winch is a device that is used to pull the car in, and then to let it out when it arrives at the new location. This winch may use a rope or wire rope and a tensioner, or it may be an electric winch. With some car hauling companies, the winch may not come standard with their fees, and they may charge extra if you need a winch. This is something you should ask about.


Before the car hauling company picks up your car, do a thorough inspection of it. Make sure it is clean before the company arrives to pick it up. The battery on the car should be completely charged, and have at least a half tank of gas. Check the antifreeze to make sure the level is correct. They hauling company may check these things.

This makes it much easier for the them to do their own inspection. They will also inspect your car for any pre-existing damage. Make sure you get the inspection they do in writing to avoid claim damage problems.


Provide the car hauling company with written instructions regarding anything the person that is handling the car needs to know. This could be things like information about fuel cutoff switches, alarm instructions, or if there are any hidden switches.

Following these tips will ensure your classic car arrives at its new home in the same condition it left your old home. Contact a hauling company, like TNT Equipment Hauling, for more help.