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Three Reasons You Don’t Need A New Truck

Over the years your needs change. You may have purchased a truck a few years ago that was ideal for you, but now, you need something a little different. Unfortunately, the cost of a new truck might not be in your budget. However, all hope isn’t lost. There are a number of simple upgrades you can perform on your truck that can make the idea of purchasing a new truck obsolete. 

Truck Bed Extender

If the problem you have with your current truck is that the bed is too short, a bed extender might be able to help in this area. As their name suggest, bed extenders basically increase the length of your truck bed’s transporting capacity. These gate-like metal fixtures easily connect to the rear end of the bed when the tail gate is open.

Truck bed extenders are available in a variety of different styles, so finding one suited for your truck shouldn’t be challenging. Additionally, you can purchase truck bed extenders in various sizes depending on how much extra space you need.

Tire Depth

If you want a truck with better off-road driving capabilities, it could be as simple as purchasing an extra set of tires. Typically, the larger the tread blocks on the tire, the better they are able to handle off-road conditions like gravel and mud. In terms of gravel, the larger tread allows the tire to more easily conform to the surface, offering better handling.

In terms of mud, the greater depth makes it harder for mud to get compacted in between the treads, which decreases the likelihood of getting stuck. If you purchase this type of tire, make sure you remove them when diving on the street as they have a reduced braking performance compared to regular tires.

Seat Covers

If you use your truck like it’s intended to be used, your truck probably could use a face-lift when it comes to the interior. Whether it’s mud, coffee spills or rips in the seats, it’s not uncommon for the interior of a truck to look like a miniature war zone. When detailing no longer works, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new truck

Seat covers are an option to consider. Seat covers designed specifically for your truck fit seamlessly over your existing surface and are virtually undetectable, offering the look of a new interior without the high cost.

If your current truck isn’t meeting your needs fully, don’t overlook the many upgrades available that can make your truck more functional and efficient.

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Watch Me Whip: How To Introduce Your New Car Via Social Media

Social media started out a tool to help keep friends and peer groups in contact with one another. Now, social media has become a machine in which many people live out their lives. Everything from graduations, to moves, to pregnancies and engagements are announced on social media first. This goes for a regular person and celebrities alike. If you want to have your moment in the sun by introducing your new car on social media, here is the best way to go about it for maximum cool points.

Post a black and white photo of your old ride

Nothing says goodbye in a solemn manner like a black and white photograph. Take a photograph of your old car from a distance and add a black and white contrast or filter to the picture. If you wish to be cryptic, you can add a brief message about the fun times that you had with your old car. You can also talk about “changes coming” in order to give a clue that you will have an announcement in the future.

Buy a luxury key holder

If you want your new car to be introduced on a silver platter, start out with your keys. Collect your brand new key fob, or have one made if you have an older vehicle without an electronic fob. Before you display the keys, you need to have a luxury key holder. Many luxury purse brands make recognizable key holders with their brand name or logo prominently displayed. The holders come at introductory prices, as key holders are much smaller, which allows you to afford one with the money left over from your car’s down payment. Post a picture with the key holder and your new key fob to get the congratulations rolling in.

Put on your sun glasses and best watch

If you want to introduce your new ride, there are two ways to go about it. New cars of luxury brands call for a watch and steering wheel logo picture. Along with this picture you can post the make and model of the vehicle, then extol the virtues of the luxury car brand. If your car is a non-luxury brand that you are proud of, post a picture of you and the car at a distance, while wearing your sunglasses. If you aren’t a big fan of selfies, have a friend take a close up of you outside of the window in a “driving” pose. Add some popular song lyrics about cars and driving to sum up the great feeling of your new car.   

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Three Benefits Of Using Towing Services In Your Parking Lot

Your parking lot provides easy access for visitors to your building, and hiring a towing service can help you to keep your parking lot safe and secure. If you don’t use tow trucks to maintain order on your lot, here are three reasons to start.

Safety Concerns

Abandoned vehicles can pose several safety threats. They can be magnets for criminal activity, such as drug dealing and loitering, bringing an unwanted element to your business.

These vehicles often contain gasoline and other flammable liquids, making them a target for arsonists. This could cause damage to your building as well as to your visitors’ vehicles, which could leave you responsible for the cost of repairs.

Abandoned cars are also used by homeless people for shelter, which could negatively impact your building’s image and safety. Be sure to call a local organization that helps homeless people before having an occupied car towed so you can be sure of the person’s well-being.

Having tow trucks regularly look for and tow abandoned vehicles on your property helps to deter dangerous or criminal activity.

Better Access To Parking

Your parking lot may be located in an area with otherwise limited parking availability, which may tempt drivers to park on your property to visit nearby residences or other businesses. This clogs your parking area, leaving your visitors with limited access to your lot.

Post signs advising that unauthorized vehicles will be towed, and hire tow trucks to monitor your lot throughout the day to remove unwanted vehicles from your property. Make sure to provide parking passes for employees and vendors so your towing company knows which vehicles to leave in your lot.

Towing Benefits For Your Visitors

Once you’ve established a relationship with a towing company, you can actually use it as a benefit for your building’s visitors. Should someone have car trouble and need a tow, you can arrange for quick service.

Negotiate with the company ahead of time to see if it can offer discounts to stranded motorists you refer. This lets you offer a convenient service to clients and customers in need, helping to build your business relationships.

You may even be able to arrange a few free services, such as jump starts, depending on how much business the towing company receives from towing away vehicles on your lot.

Tow trucks serve a wide range of purposes, and they offer many benefits to parking lot owners. Consider hiring a towing service like Big Valley Towing to keep your lot safe, secure and full of plentiful parking options for all your guests.

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3 Ways A Mechanic Can Increase Your Tires Lifespan

Have you noticed lately that your tires never last as long as they should? If this is a problem you are facing, you may want to consider investing in routine tire services. Investing in routine tire services will improve the quality of your tires, which will help them last longer and this can definitely help save you some money over time. So, to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your tires, be sure to:

Know When They Need To Be Rotated:

It is likely that your car has a two wheel drivetrain, which means if your drivetrain is located on the front axle of your car then your front two tires are going to be working harder than the rear two. This cause put more stress on the front tires, which can cause them to wear much faster than the back set, which is why it is important to rotate your tires. Rotating your tires won’t prevent wearing from occurring, but it will slow the process, which will help increase the life of your tires. It is important to have your tires rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to help prevent excessive tire wear.

Watch Out For Shakiness:

Does your car shake when you are reaching freeway speeds? If it does then this could likely mean that your alignment is not centered. Having an alignment that is not centered can put your tires at an angle with the road, which can cause major wear to occur.  With an off alignment, your wheel axles are not positioned properly, which prevents your tires from being able to drive evenly with the road. So, if your car shakes or if your steering wheel rattles when driving on the freeway, definitely be sure to have your alignment checked out.

Check For Low Air Pressure:

Low air pressure in your tires can easily cause tire defects, as not only can this make your tires more prone to tire punctures, but it can also add more stress to your tires, which can cause your tires to wear and become defective over time. Having a mechanic check the air pressure and resolving the pressure in your tires is always best. Not only will this improve your tires, but it will help your car drive more efficiently.

With these three check-ups and tire services, you will be able to help boost the longevity of your tires, which won’t only save you money, but will increase your road safety, which is always most important. So, be sure to invest in routine tire care at a shop like Foothill Service, as this can definitely improve your overall driving experience.

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How Often Do You Need to Change Your Oil?

The engine in your car depends on oil. The oil keeps the pistons moving smoothly. Without oil, the friction and the heat generated by that friction would cause your engine to self-destroy. But you can’t just put some oil in your car and then ignore it for the rest of time. You have to make sure that you get the oil changed in your car regularly. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that in even in the best of cars, you will lose some oil. Another is that the oil gets dirty when it gets used. Sediment and tiny bits of metal will collect in the oil and make it work much less efficiently. The question is, how often should you get the oil changed in your car?

3,000 Miles

Your parents changed the oil in their cars every 3,000 miles. The reason for this is that the oil that was available tended to wear out faster than modern oils do. The engines were also not made with the same tolerances that modern cars engines are, so it was common to lose a lot of oil over normal usage. You may continue to change your oil every 3,000 miles, just because that’s what your parents always did. However, you are really just wasting oil and money. Under normal usage, you can go much further in between oil changes. 

7,500 Miles

The new standard for oil changes is that you don’t have to do it more often than every 7,500 miles. The best reason for this is that the oil technology has changed. New synthetic oils last much longer. They can stand up to the higher temperatures and more usage than older oils without breaking down. New engines are also manufactured to be tighter and lose less oil, and be more efficient while they are running.

10,000+ Miles

Some cars are even designed to go more than 10,000 miles or more before they need to have an oil change. 

These guidelines are all under normal usage and normal conditions. If your car gets a heavy amount of usage or you have to drive in severe conditions, you may have to change your oil more often. 

The best way to figure out how often you need to change the oil is to look at your owner’s manual. It should give you a guideline as to how often you need to take your car in for different kinds of servicing. For more information, talk to an oil professional like Gran-Del Petroleum Products.

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